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You continually balance the complexities of immigration procedures with the needs of your clients. The job can be tough. We make it easier.

Your job is not about the paperwork — it's about the people
Officio helps you reduce your busy work so you can focus on the real work

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As Canada's leading immigration software provider, we understand how complicated and busy your immigration practice is. That's why we offer an easy-to-use, intuitive solution to help you streamline your client file management, so you can spend more time helping your clients and growing your business.

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Run Your Practice Anywhere Any Time

Officio's cloud-based platform helps you better connect with clients and leads while also collaborating with your staff.

As an immigration professional, you work with clients around the world. We provide your practice with a clear and consistent line of communication to ensure that everyone understands the processes, timelines, and expectations.

In short, we help you maximize your efficiency


    Officio helps you:

  • Automate forms to eliminate redundancies
  • Manage case files within a secure system
  • Provide a customized client portal to simplify collaboration
  • Discover and nurture leads to grow your practice

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Innovative Technology Designed for Your Industry

Configured to the unique needs of your practice, Officio offers intuitive, flexible solutions to innovate every aspect of your business.

Maintain clear points of contact

Stay up-to-date

Automate repetitive tasks

Comply with regulatory standards

Save more time so you can do more business

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More Than Just a CRM

Officio is dedicated to helping you improve your services and comply with regulations through ongoing education and training.

    Officio users get free access to:

  • Over a hundred hours of CPD content from recognized providers
  • Client file simulations to test and resolve complex cases
  • Weekly tips from industry experts
  • Inspiring courses and videos to help you innovate your practice

Officio brings you to the forefront of the immigration industry

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Designed specifically for immigration professionals, Officio’s online platform is trusted, reliable and secure

Control Access Levels

Customize users’ roles so they only get access to necessary information.

Manage Visibility

Limit case visibility by department, office, or role.

Ensure Data Security

Officio gives you a secure SSL connection between the browser and server, ensuring your data is encrypted while in transmission and while at rest. Our servers are monitored 24/7 according to industry best practices.

Use a Tool Tested by Security Experts

Officio undergoes regular security and vulnerability scans implemented by 3rd party experts.

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You need the right resources and technology to help your clients achieve their dreams.

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