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Immigration CRM

Immigration CRM

Work Faster, Smarter & Easier - Discover an Entire Suite of Features

Officio offers a complete set of features designed for today's immigration practice.
Popular features include:

    AI Writer

    Draft clear and professional communications to clients, IRCC, your regulatory body, other immigration professionals, and more!

  • Write letters and emails quickly and easily
  • Strike the right tone for each communication
  • Elevate your level of professionalism
  • Reduce errors

    API Integrations

    Integrate your other professional tools into Officio and further streamline your immigration practice.

  • Link to your Calendly tool and allow clients to schedule appointments with you
  • Add URLs to the client file
  • Upload documents from your Dropbox account
  • Upload documents from your Google Drive account

    Client Portal

    Establish a single point of contact with each client through the easy-to-use client portal.

  • Consolidate important documents
  • Access files from anywhere, at any time
  • Collaborate with clients quickly and easily
  • Streamline your paperwork

    Client Management

    Create a complete client profile that includes the unique details of each case.

  • Stay up-to-date on progress and get reminders for tasks
  • File client emails automatically in their proper folders
  • Track time spent on client files
  • Ensure regulatory compliance more easily

    Form Management

    Fill in all the common fields on every form by inputting the data once.

  • Avoid redundancy
  • Be accurate and precise
  • Process case files more quickly
  • Reduce your time spent on paperwork
  • Find Out More

    Prospect Management & Assessment

    Get an easy-to-use, data-driven system for assessing referrals and leads.

  • Get thorough prospect assessments based on current scoring systems
  • Eliminate redundancy with our Prospect Web Questionnaire for Express Entry
  • Grow your client base faster and more easily
  • Discover clients you want to work with

    Branded Templates

    Showcase your professionalism with branded documents and over 50 email and letter templates.

  • Access useful forms and templates, including Service Agreement and Initial Consultation Agreement templates
  • Customize templates with your unique branding
  • Create consistent messaging across all channels
  • Simplify your communication using ready-made templates

    Reminders & Automated Tasks

    Take control over your cases with reminders and task prompts.

  • Create easy-to-manage workflows
  • Establish clear processes
  • Stay on top of important tasks
  • Keep thorough and clear records to stay compliant

    Billing & Client/Trust Account

    Maintain clear financial oversight with secure banking integrations and automations.

  • Keep a record of every client/trust account transaction
  • Maintain clear accounting records
  • Use a highly secure system the immigration industry trusts
  • Maintain consistent and reliable billing and reconciliation processes

    Officio Studio

    Stay current and compliant with valuable resources for education and professional development.

  • Fulfill your annual CPD regulatory requirements
  • Expand your knowledge with the latest industry insights
  • Elevate your level of professionalism with on-going training
  • Get all-inclusive access to useful information to serve clients better

Get an innovative all-in-one platform designed
for today's immigration practice

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Streamline Your Immigration Practice

Officio has offered case management software to immigration professionals for over 25 years.
We understand the needs of your immigration practice.

Officio’s full suite includes:

  • Email/Calendar
  • Client Portal
  • Client Management 
  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Template Management
  • Prospect Management & Assessment
  • Form Management
  • Planned or Unplanned Absence (PUA) Planning
  • Marketplace
  • Officio Studio
  • Dashboard
  • Prospects Web Questionnaire
  • Web-Builder
  • Reminders & Automatic Tasks
  • Enhanced Task Management
  • Time Management & Billing
  • Advanced Search & Reporting
  • Create Roles to Limit Access
  • AI Writer
  • Branded Document & Email Templates
  • Personalized Branding
  • Billing & Client/Trust Account
  • Multiple Offices
  • Case Referencing Numbering System
  • Mass Email
  • Employer Module
  • Note Keeping
  • Integrations (Calendly, Dropbox, Google Drive)

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